Gain Exposure to Healthcare Careers

Want to shadow a healthcare worker? Medxposure can help.

Engaging students, one step at a time.

Medxposure is breaking barriers for access to gaining medical and clinical exposure. We offer a program that allows you to be more prepared for shadow day!

Step 1: Research

Check out our resources on different healthcare specialties, and decide which program would best fit your desired career path.

Step 2: Certification

Enroll in one of our programs to get a certificate that enables you to shadow a healthcare career of your choice!

Step 3: Repeat

Gain exposure to other healthcare careers that interest you, and you'll be more prepared for graduate school!

A broad and comprehensive approach in gaining exposure to healthcare careers.

Our programs give students viable options when it comes to seeking shadowing opportunities. Before deciding to shadow, you can be aware of what to expect!

That’s just our fancy way of saying you are certified in knowing what awaits you on shadow day. There are a variety of healthcare specialties that you may be able to shadow. Ranging from physicians to healthcare technologists, we are preparing programs that will assist students in understanding the role of different healthcare professionals. For example, we plan to create a “Tech” Program in which 5-10 healthcare technicians and technologists are invited to speak about their career. 

About an hour or two. A comprehensive online course will assist you in learning more about the healthcare field of your choice, and will help us know that you are prepared for shadow day. 

Our program will match you with a healthcare professional in a specialty that you chose. You will be given the information of the healthcare worker you will be shadowing following your registration. Unfortunately, if you would like to shadow a specific individual, please reach out to them personally; our program matches you with random healthcare workers of the career that you are interested in.